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In the United States, more than one out of every five women suffers from anxiety or depression at any one moment, according to the Office on Women's Health. In many instances, the symptoms of mental illness manifest themselves differently in females than they do in males. If you are a woman living in today's society and are having trouble coping with the stresses that you face, talking to a counselor who specializes in women's issues may be helpful.

The challenges that women face on a daily basis include, but are not limited to, sexism, gender roles and stereotypes, motherhood, and childbirth, to name just a few examples. No matter how much they give to others, there are moments when women feel as if they are not appreciated and their contributions are not acknowledged. As a consequence of these problems and sentiments, women could decide to seek professional therapy.


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When clients come to Rhea Hill for therapy, they can expect to be in an atmosphere that is supportive, free from judgment, and safe even while they discuss some of life's most delicate issues. Whether you need assistance dealing with the hardships of life, conquering depression or anxiety, or simply need to chat to another woman who understands, together we will discover answers that will lead you towards living your best life!


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