To promote and empower the well- being of individuals by providing quality counseling with a holistic approach. – Follow your bliss

Everyone is doing their best from their level of awareness. Knowing how to identify when an experience violates your senses of how things should be, is half the battle. Rhea Hill MS, LPC, NCC is familiar with the myriad symptoms, including but not limited to, stress- irritability, anxiety, poor concentration, insomnia, and depression. People want to experience improvement in their lives. You have the power of making choices and manifest change. As a counselor, Rhea strives to work with clients at a pace that is comfortable for them, as the courage that it takes to move past challenges and reach goals is appreciated.

Finding the appropriate counselor is essential to a successful therapeutic journey. Rhea L. Hill MS, LPC, NCC values the privilege of securing a trustworthy relationship with clients while fostering a climate in which they can examine their thoughts, feelings, and actions, ultimately arriving at solutions that suit them- nurturing the mind, body, and spirit.

  • Holistic Counseling is an integrative approach that focuses on the relationship between mind, body, and spirit, understanding and addressing issues and concerns. A comprehensive treatment plan is created from a biopsychosocial assessment.