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Benefits of Self-Reflection

"If your searching for that special person that will change your life, look within."





It is common and well known that our minds are filled daily with chaos and confusion from the busy lives we live. This post will explore how self-reflection can be used in meditation. When was the last time you sat with yourself without any distraction? Self-refection allows you to explore the universe within.

My first intentional practice of self-reflection meditation was in my roaring 20’s. The experience was an open invitation to move closer to who I am, what I wanted, and how I can serve. I also discovered a closeness with my higher creator that no one could teach in a class. Self-reflection is a life long growing experience. If we don’t take the time to tap within, the chance of accomplishing full potentiality is slim if we remain to stagnate. When we lose sight of who we are, we conform to what others want us to be.


The common belief is that meditation is a means to tap out of the world. But on second thought, it’s really a process to tap into the universal flow of your soul. You will increasingly recognize unhelpful thoughts and connect with people using your insight. You will discover the transformation from restrictiveness to expansiveness.

Self-reflection will require being alone with undivided attention on listening to your inner voice and discover you. This can be facilitated through journaling, visual art, during your nature walk, or in a quiet space set for meditation- be creative. This form of meditation can be done for self-discovery, exploration of how you interact in relationships, work, habits, etc., and make intentional adjustments.

Practice Silence

Have you ever tried to spend time in silence? Try spending a few hours or, better yet, one whole day. This would include time away from friends and family, time away from television and social media. The only voice you will be left with is your own. You will probably notice a tug of war going on in your mind. The frequency of fantasying about the future and reminiscing on the past becomes heightened. You’ll want to recognize and acknowledge the ‘monkey mind’ and bring your focus back to the present. Stay in the Here and Now during this exercise. The challenge is to be mindful of your surroundings. Be a witness and open to what is around you without judgment. The activity of thoughts comes and goes, but the witness is ever-present. In stillness, you will find your true self. Try this exercise in nature or some form of a peaceful place when you slip out of them now. Ask to be brought into the present. 

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