Why Try Therapy?

I must admit as a former massage therapist and natural hair care technician, customers bring their issues to the salon and spa. While your barbers, cosmetologist, massage therapist, esthetician’s and nail technicians will listen to your problems, the feedback might not be impact a change in your life. At the end of the day you’re the only one who will implement the change.

Therapist and counselors not only here to listen, they assist in giving feedback that is useful proven to work- if you do the work.

Elevate Your Mood

Did you know 322 million people suffer worldwide live with depression. Develop and improve coping skills to maintain mental stability.

Calm Your Emotions

Learn how cognitive distortions negativity impact your emotions and your behavior. People can usually identify how they feel and the actions they execute, but the core thought process is missing. Explore those core thoughts that propel your emotions and actions in order to gain more control of your response to others around you.

Communication & Improve Relationships

Become a more effective communicator with your significant other, your boss, friends and family.

Explore your relationship values. Introduce and implement new ideas into your relationship. Invite them into therapy as well. It takes at least two people to restore and repair a relationship. Or utilize therapy to improve your coping skills in relationships.

Improving Self Esteem

Discover your best qualities and characteristics. Focus on what you Do have instead of what you Don’t have. What you think about yourself shows up in your walk and your talk.

Adapt Meditation Techniques

There are a plethora of meditation modalities. Tap into your spirit side by practicing mindfulness, quiet the “Monkey Mind” and utilize simple meditation practices. Learn to find balance in the midst of a storm. When it comes to meditation, consistency is key.

Life Transitions such as a new job, job loss, divorce, a new baby, or death of a loved one are significant changes that can be positively effected by the therapy.

Therapy is easily accesible. You can go into an office setting/ counseling center or access counseling through e- therapy (Telemental Health Therapy).

Rhea L. Hill MS, LPC, NCC

Step Into a Restful Sleep

Often times client’s report difficulty falling asleep and frequent awakening through the night. Well, I”ll get right to the issue at hand. There are a few routines that you can add to your daily life style that will promote a restful sleep pattern. Sleep is restoring after a long a day of work and play.


Here are some things to try for a Blissful sleep💙


1) Exercise- A good sleep occurs when you have had a fulfilling day of dynamic activity.

2) Diet- Not just a healthy diet, but try a high freguency food diet. Remember, no food two hours before sleeping.

3) Also, two hours before sleepy time avoid exercise, and overly stimulating media (e.g. violent movies and uptempo music). It’s best avoid any type of television or social media activity two hours prior to sleep.

4) Try taking a warm bath with relaxing essential oils: lavender, lemon bergamot, ylang ylang, clary sage, and jasmine.


5) Set your internal biological clock: Go to sleep the same time every night. Trying going to sleep before 10:00 PM. Your biological clock changes after 10:00 PM. The National Institute of Health notes, “Circadian rhythms can influence sleep-wake cycles, hormone release, body temperature and other important bodily functions. They have been linked to various sleep disorders, such as insomnia.” So, following your body’s routine is a successful key to a restful sleep.

6) Go an extra mile into a blissful sleep: Use meditation or deep breathing before sleeping. You can use a guided meditation app.

I know this is easily typed and than to carryout, but it is my recommendation to client’s who have trouble sleeping. I’ve tried it myself; so, I stand by this recommendation.

Spend some quality time with yourself!

Happy blissful sleeping trails💙

Internally Cleanse Your Body With Earth’s Natural Resource

Friendly reminder: Research shows that roughly up to 60% of the human adult body is made up of water, and the recommended water intake is approximately 64 ounces daily. 

Flush and Hydrate

Water flushes toxins out of the body and increases hydration. Usually caused by dehydration, headaches can be alleviated by drinking water, which will also improve brain function. Stored toxins in the body can cause skin break- outs and inflammation. Drinking more water fuels clearer skin, and energizes your muscles.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Water and water enriched foods are healthier and help decrease calorie intake, which aides in weight loss. Studies show that metabolism increases when drinking more water.

Immune Booster

Water improves the immune system:  Having plenty of water flowing in your system decreases the chances of getting sick (i. e. common cold, flu).


Increasing water intake maintains regular digestion and decreases constipation. Having a healthy digestive system is essential for good health. 

Revitalize your kidneys

Our kidneys extract waste from blood and removes chemicals from the body through urine excretion. Our kidneys need water in order clear away unwanted waste. 

Contemporary Water….

For those of you who want to add a little flavor to your water, try adding fresh lemon, cucumbers, or raspberries.

Cheers to a blissful life,

Rhea Hill, MS, LPC

“Titty Grow”- A testimony to the power of talking.


imageIn my formative years I admired the women that I saw in the media and magazines like most little girls, but one feature I truly desired was breast. Having breast would make me a woman. Gratefully for me, I had an older cousin and an older brother who sought to help me on my journey to becoming a woman.

My trusting and loving kin taught me that eating jalapeños, hot sauce and anything hot would get me the bosom I so desired. They fed me concoctions of hot sauce and peppers. What agonizing pain I endured until I told my mother, in some kind of way, that the “titty grow” was not working. Needless to say I no longer ate hot sauce and peppers in order to grow breast because my mother stop my cousin and brother from giving me this concoction.

My mother told me I would grow breast in time, and all females would grow breast- it is a part of nature. She gave me a hug and told me to be patient. I didn’t go throw the phase of wanting breasts again until middle school. I never talked about the hot sauce concoctions, and I didn’t eat hot food. It was not until I open my mouth and told my story of why I did not like spicy food that I begin to be able to laugh about this period in my life.

My point is, once I begin to talk about my painful memory, I started to actually eat mildly spicy food. The liberation of sharing my uncomfortable story was similar to peeling back an onion and exposing the ugly truth, hence leading me to try spicy foods. So, I tell my story unapologetically, and I encourage you to share yours.