Focused Meditation

Let’s discuss focused mediation today! The purpose of meditation is to reduce stress and anxiety, promote emotional health, enhance self-awareness and attention span, have control over your thought process, improve sleep, and even help decrease blood pressure.

Focused meditation is the practice of concentrating on something intently to remain in present moment awareness. The following may sound redundant, but reminiscing on the past and thinking about the future promotes chaos in daily living. Taking time to quiet our internal dialogue and staying in the present moment is centering and grounding. Focused meditation can be utilized by focusing your concentration on sounds (e.g., music), visual components (e.g., a flame of fire or mandala’s), taste, smell (e.g., aromatherapy), and, of course, your breathing pattern.

When starting focused meditation, start with small increments of time, like 5-10 minutes, and increase your time as your practice grows.

To start a focused meditation, find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. Best practice would be to wear comfortable clothing.

(1) Choose your target of focus, a beautiful photo, pleasing sounds, or simple cleansing breaths.

(2) Get into your comfy spot. Create a space that is aesthetically and fragrantly pleasing to you. Try setting up candles, incense, or a diffuser.

(3) Begin to focus on your object. If your mind begins to wander, acknowledge the thought, and bring your attention back to your destination. Initially, your attention will roam in the beginning stages of meditation. Be gentle, patient, and kind to yourself.

(4) Calm your internal monologue. Ruminating, rehashing, and analyzing stressful events and situations will diminish the purpose of focused meditation. Dismiss your “To Do” list and remind yourself that you have nowhere to go and nothing to do.

Remember to give your meditation practice time to grow. It is normal to follow habitual patterns. If starting a meditative practice is new to you, remind yourself that you are creating a new habit, and new habits take time to develop. As I stated before, start with short sessions. I know some of us feel that we are not “morning people,” but some of us are refreshed and analytical in the early morning hours when the brain’s serotonin levels are highest. However, in the evening hours and close to bedtime, the brain secretes more elevated levels of melatonin, aiding the ability to enter a blissful state. Hence, meditating during increased levels of melatonin supports a smoother meditative experience. The more you practice, the better you will become— happy meditative trails. I’ll see you in the gap.

Rhea Hill MS, LPC, NCC

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Dear Narcissistic Abuser…Thank you

Dear Narcissistic Abuser,

Having you in my life has been bittersweet. The appearance of your support and love was jolted from existence when I realized my success was YOUR time to shine, to build YOUR self-confidence. I felt like a “beard” or a tool to make you look better. While I have learned and experienced from you what love looks like, the aftermath and the cycle of love-bombing had me questioning. “Is this cycle of YOU worth it?” I watch you become threatened, decide to intimidate me, and then play like you’re the victim in so many situations. After I appease and console you, you revel in the ambiance of being right.

Remember all the time’s I dressed the way you wanted me to so that your friends would admire what you had? Only to later face you accusing, blaming, and shaming me because your friends found me attractive. Then you’d make a turnaround with your traditional love-bombing romantic gestures and long conversations about our future. The emotional connection was epic. That last episode was the last straw that broke the camels back. I told myself no more dealing with your rage because I spent time with my friends or revolving around you so that you’d feel like royalty.

Because of you, I have learned how to recognize the signs of a narcissistic abuser, what a healthy relationship looks like, how to be assertive and set boundaries, and be strategic in planning my safety. Your gaslighting exploitative behavior has catapulted me into survivor mode, to acceptance and now forgiveness. So, thank you, and I release you.

Elevated to Another Level


Abuse can be difficult to recognize because of its normalization and habitual patterns. Still, the signs and damage of a narcissist are even more challenging to identify. We live in an age where knowledge is easily accessible, and a plethora of supportive assistance is available. Educating yourself about abuse, taking action, and seeking supportive counseling from a licensed therapist will get you one step closer to living your better life. Turn your pain into your passion. Self- empowerment is your right to life.

Talking to someone in a group or indiivual setting helps the process healing and progressing. You will find related articles and community resources in this post. Let’s build a conversation and learn from each other. I’d like to know your thoughts about abuse and/or narcissistic abuse. Feel free to leave your comments below.

In good health,

Rhea Hill MS, LPC, NCC

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Movement Meditation

Meditation is a powerful form of centering that is beneficial to incorporate into our daily lives. When we think of meditation, sitting stillness for that quiet connection comes to mind. In reality, we do not sit all day; however, we can meditate and practice mindfulness throughout our daily activities. Movement meditation can include walking in nature, biking, swimming, dancing, yoga, gardening, gentle forms of stretching, and slow fluid movements like Qigong and Tai-Chi. Movement meditation combines mindfulness with physical activity and is useful for those who find tranquility in motion. It’s beneficial for those who are restless, and it’s a great way to get in some exercise.

Movement meditation can be carried out with slow, deliberately conscious movements and improves the mind-body connection. We know, from routine doctor’s visits, that movement is beneficial for areas of our health- lowering blood pressure, decreasing depression and anxiety, improving heart health, and alleviating joint stiffness. This type of meditation requires you to be fully engaged in the present moment and use your breath to synchronize with your body movements to maximize a calm and quiet mind. One goal to keep in mind, maintain focus on the present moment, refrain from thinking about the future, or reminiscing on the past.

Seal the deal by writing about your experience of movement meditation. Reflect on the benefits you experienced, thoughts that crossed your mind, emotions that arose during your meditation. Identify any body sensations that you noticed and what the result was.

Research has shown significant benefits in meditation and physical exercise. They both decrease stress, improve quality of sleep, and promote deep muscle relaxation and flexibility. Combining the two in the practice of moving meditation addresses both physical and emotional pain.

I enjoy using yoga and walking for movement meditation. Do you use movement as a form of meditation? What benefits do you recognize from movement meditation? What kind of moving meditation would you like to employ? I want to read your thoughts and comments.

Happy NYE 2020 from Blissed Being

This is your year to manifest all your dreams. Remember that your thoughts are the language of your mind and your heart is the language of your body. Allow your thoughts and feelings to line up with positive vibrations and elevate to a new level. Name it and claim it! Happy New Year! I’m so excited, aren’t you? HAPPY BLISSFUL NEW YEAR!
Peace, blessings, and love,

NYE 2020

Walking In Your Purpose

What Is Your Purpose?

We all have a purpose for being on earth. There is meaning to this life. Everything we do involves the process of giving and receiving. It’s fundamental, the very air we breath includes the process of giving and receiving the oxygen we share with plants and trees. Isn’t that wonderful?! So now, I want to ask yourself, “What is my purpose?” How will I give and receive?

Take out you pen and pad, your journal, or smart device and ask yourself:

Who am I? 

Write down all of the wonderful things that your creator has made you be. Are you a lover, friend, musician, husband, wife, mother, teacher, business owner, CEO, sister, brother, a butterfly pollinating every delectable flower you see 🤔, or a spiritual being having a human experience? Who👏🏾 are 👏🏾you 👏🏾? Write it down, I’ll wait. 

What do I want?

Here’s your chance. If you have never stated, wrote down or told God what you want, here is your chance. If the world was your oyster and you can have things your way, define it. Do you want a healthy mind and body, to stop world hunger, material abundance, gain healthy friends, spiritual awakening, personal growth, set healthy boundaries, a new house, or live a life that you do not have to take a vacation from? What 👏🏾 do 👏🏾 you 👏🏾 want 👏🏾? Write it down, I’ll wait.

How can I serve?

As I stated at the beginning of this post, we live in a world of giving and receiving. Our breath, money flow, even, the cycle of water has a natural course of flow. Ask yourself, “How can I serve?” You have defined who you are and what you want. Now, with all of your gifts, how do you give back? Do you give back by volunteering, helping others, gardening and giving food away, become an attorney, counselor, fisherman, or that person on the corner giving lovely smiles to the passersby? How 👏🏾 can 👏🏾you 👏🏾serve 👏🏾? Write it down, I’ll wait.

The purpose of this exercise is to clearly define your dreams and desires. Now that you have explored who you are and what you want, use those gifts and desires to give back to others. The next time you see a person, remember that person has friends and family who love them, just like you. Remember that person goes through illness and recovery, just like you. They will, one day, expire just like you. Hold on to this concept and act accordingly. You will receive your gifts accordingly.

Walking In Your Purpose

Food For Thought

Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self – esteem, first make sure you are not , in fact, surrounding yourself with assholes.
– William Gibson
People come into your life for a reason and a season- know when to let go.

Food for Thought

So you think, so you are.

Daily Affirmation- follow your bliss

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