Movement Meditation

Meditation is a powerful form of centering that is beneficial to incorporate into our daily lives. When we think of meditation, sitting stillness for that quiet connection comes to mind. In reality, we do not sit all day; however, we can meditate and practice mindfulness throughout our daily activities. Movement meditation can include walking in nature, biking, swimming, dancing, yoga, gardening, gentle forms of stretching, and slow fluid movements like Qigong and Tai-Chi. Movement meditation combines mindfulness with physical activity and is useful for those who find tranquility in motion. It’s beneficial for those who are restless, and it’s a great way to get in some exercise.

Movement meditation can be carried out with slow, deliberately conscious movements and improves the mind-body connection. We know, from routine doctor’s visits, that movement is beneficial for areas of our health- lowering blood pressure, decreasing depression and anxiety, improving heart health, and alleviating joint stiffness. This type of meditation requires you to be fully engaged in the present moment and use your breath to synchronize with your body movements to maximize a calm and quiet mind. One goal to keep in mind, maintain focus on the present moment, refrain from thinking about the future, or reminiscing on the past.

Seal the deal by writing about your experience of movement meditation. Reflect on the benefits you experienced, thoughts that crossed your mind, emotions that arose during your meditation. Identify any body sensations that you noticed and what the result was.

Research has shown significant benefits in meditation and physical exercise. They both decrease stress, improve quality of sleep, and promote deep muscle relaxation and flexibility. Combining the two in the practice of moving meditation addresses both physical and emotional pain.

I enjoy using yoga and walking for movement meditation. Do you use movement as a form of meditation? What benefits do you recognize from movement meditation? What kind of moving meditation would you like to employ? I want to read your thoughts and comments.

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