Old Keys Won’t Open New Doors

We are shaped by our past experiences. However, we can control how we respond and cope with those past experiences.

Therapy is just a few clicks away!

Focused Meditation

Let’s discuss focused mediation today! The purpose of meditation is to reduce stress and anxiety, promote emotional health, enhance self-awareness and attention span, have control over your thought process, improve sleep, and even help decrease blood pressure. Focused meditation is the practice of concentrating on something intently to remain in present moment awareness. The followingContinue reading “Focused Meditation”

Dear Narcissistic Abuser…Thank you

Dear Narcissistic Abuser, Having you in my life has been bittersweet. The appearance of your support and love was jolted from existence when I realized my success was YOUR time to shine, to build YOUR self-confidence. I felt like a “beard” or a tool to make you look better. While I have learned and experiencedContinue reading “Dear Narcissistic Abuser…Thank you”

Movement Meditation

Meditation is a powerful form of centering that is beneficial to incorporate into our daily lives. When we think of meditation, sitting stillness for that quiet connection comes to mind. In reality, we do not sit all day; however, we can meditate and practice mindfulness throughout our daily activities. Movement meditation can include walking inContinue reading “Movement Meditation”

Happy NYE 2020 from Blissed Being

This is your year to manifest all your dreams. Remember that your thoughts are the language of your mind and your heart is the language of your body. Allow your thoughts and feelings to line up with positive vibrations and elevate to a new level. Name it and claim it! Happy New Year! I’m soContinue reading “Happy NYE 2020 from Blissed Being”

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