Walking In Your Purpose

What Is Your Purpose?

We all have a purpose for being on earth. There is meaning to this life. Everything we do involves the process of giving and receiving. It’s fundamental, the very air we breath includes the process of giving and receiving the oxygen we share with plants and trees. Isn’t that wonderful?! So now, I want to ask yourself, “What is my purpose?” How will I give and receive?

Take out you pen and pad, your journal, or smart device and ask yourself:

Who am I? 

Write down all of the wonderful things that your creator has made you be. Are you a lover, friend, musician, husband, wife, mother, teacher, business owner, CEO, sister, brother, a butterfly pollinating every delectable flower you see 🤔, or a spiritual being having a human experience? Who👏🏾 are 👏🏾you 👏🏾? Write it down, I’ll wait. 

What do I want?

Here’s your chance. If you have never stated, wrote down or told God what you want, here is your chance. If the world was your oyster and you can have things your way, define it. Do you want a healthy mind and body, to stop world hunger, material abundance, gain healthy friends, spiritual awakening, personal growth, set healthy boundaries, a new house, or live a life that you do not have to take a vacation from? What 👏🏾 do 👏🏾 you 👏🏾 want 👏🏾? Write it down, I’ll wait.

How can I serve?

As I stated at the beginning of this post, we live in a world of giving and receiving. Our breath, money flow, even, the cycle of water has a natural course of flow. Ask yourself, “How can I serve?” You have defined who you are and what you want. Now, with all of your gifts, how do you give back? Do you give back by volunteering, helping others, gardening and giving food away, become an attorney, counselor, fisherman, or that person on the corner giving lovely smiles to the passersby? How 👏🏾 can 👏🏾you 👏🏾serve 👏🏾? Write it down, I’ll wait.

The purpose of this exercise is to clearly define your dreams and desires. Now that you have explored who you are and what you want, use those gifts and desires to give back to others. The next time you see a person, remember that person has friends and family who love them, just like you. Remember that person goes through illness and recovery, just like you. They will, one day, expire just like you. Hold on to this concept and act accordingly. You will receive your gifts accordingly.

Walking In Your Purpose

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