Mindful Morning Message

Practicing Silence…🖤

Have you ever tried to spend time in silence?

Try spending a few hours or, better yet, one whole day in complete silence. This would include time away from friends and family, time away from television and social media.

The only voice you will be left with is your own. You will probably notice a tug-of-war occurring in your mind. The frequency of fantasying about the future and reminiscing on the past becomes heightened. You’ll want to resist the ‘monkey mind’ and focus on the present moment. Stay in the ‘Here and Now’ during this exercise.

The challenge is to be mindful of your surroundings; tune into all of your five senses. Be a witness to what is around you without judgment. Activity comes and goes, the witness, the onlooker, the observer is consistently present.

In stillness you will find your true self. Try this exercise in nature or some form of a peaceful place. When you slip out of the now, ask to be brought into the present.

Enjoy your time connecting with yourself….

Rhea L. Hill MS, LPC, NCC

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