Mindful Morning Message

Practicing Silence…đź–¤ Have you ever tried to spend time in silence? Try spending a few hours or, better yet, one whole day in complete silence. This would include time away from friends and family, time away from television and social media. The only voice you will be left with is your own. You will probablyContinue reading “Mindful Morning Message”

Why Try Therapy?

I must admit as a former massage therapist and natural hair care technician, customers bring their issues to the salon and spa. While your barbers, cosmetologist, massage therapist, esthetician’s and nail technicians will listen to your problems, the feedback might not be impact a change in your life. At the end of the day you’reContinue reading “Why Try Therapy?”

Step Into a Restful Sleep

Often times client’s report difficulty falling asleep and frequent awakening through the night. Well, I”ll get right to the issue at hand. There are a few routines that you can add to your daily life style that will promote a restful sleep pattern. Sleep is restoring after a long a day of work and play.Continue reading “Step Into a Restful Sleep”

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